Cadent Capital Team

Cadent Capital Team


At Cadent Capital Advisors, we partner with individuals, families and business owners who want to engage in a well-defined process to promote constant, reliable outcomes that are personally meaningful to our clients.  Through our independence and transparency we make certain we understand the unique needs of each client.

We provide simple solutions to complex financial matters by listening and developing a holistic financial plan that meets our client’s needs and fulfills their goals and objectives.  We work with you to understand your values, your mindset toward risk and your purpose for investing. 

We take the time to engage, educate, empower and involve our clients.  We listen more; we offer clarity of thought, and then execute a plan with our extensive expertise, understanding your unique investment personality.  We strive to offer superior client service combined with frequent communication.  In doing so, we help you enhance the ability to make decisions that are right for you.

Our collaborative method of partnering with clients is distinct.  It is a disciplined, consistent process of regular and routine face-to-face meetings to discern what the client needs and wants.  We maintain client financial plans with objectivity and help embrace your personal and emotional needs to avoid costly reactions to the ups and downs in financial markets.